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If You Want to Earn More, You Need to Be Worth More

by seo on June 11, 2010

A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of Career Mission, discussed the relationship between your contribution at work and your paycheck.

Harrison firmly believes that your worth in the job market does not depend on what your financial obligations are or the amount of money you would like to take home; it is dependent on how significantly you can contribute to the bottom line of your company.

He says that that when you begin work at a company, it does not matter whether you come from a top university, whether your work history is among the best ones in the company, or whether you have a lot of expenses to cover at home. What matters is how beneficial you are to the company, how much business you bring in, and how much money you can save for the company by improving work efficiency.

In general, your financial requirements are not a concern for the company unless you are truly indispensable. Your paycheck depends on your ability to generate value for your employer, and typically, the value generated has to be far greater than your salary. That is, your contribution should be at least three times the money that you intend to take home every two weeks.

Therefore, if you want a raise, instead of informing your employer of your increased expenses, take initiative and work harder. Contribute more and make yourself indispensable. This will automatically encourage your employer to reward you without your even mentioning it.

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