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Consistency and Commitment Beat Brilliance and Talent

by seo on July 1, 2010

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed why being consistent is more effective than being talented.

Harrison believes that work ethic and consistency trump brilliance and talent. There are many talented people, who may know a lot. They may be better socially and may have better ideas. They may even be better educated. But none of these attributes really matter. People who win and become successful are the ones who generally put in a massive effort over the long run. Nothing is more effective than being consistent. If you are consistent, you will achieve a lot more over time than if you are not.

Talent is fickle. Sometimes talent shows up, and other times it does not. In contrast, being consistent requires a high level of tenacity. You need to keep plowing through. You cannot give up. Anyone can be a better performer in one thing or another for a short time. However, what really matters is to be able to perform consistently over time. Consistent effort is what creates the best results and enables people to win over time. Only certain people are born with brilliance and incredible talent; but we all have the option to work hard.

When we are consistent, we make small bits of progress on a daily basis; and this is what transforms careers and lives. Many people lack the ability to consistently focus over time, and instead believe one small flash of brilliance or talent will make a difference. This is almost never the case. So, Harrison recommends consistency over talent.

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