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Nicholas Cage and Personal Leadership

by seo on July 6, 2010

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar elaborated upon the point that a true leader is the one who is able to stand for something he/she believes in, even if it means, standing alone.

There are very few true leaders in the world. Most of us spend our lives trying to be like others. We never get in touch with our inner leader and the things we believe in.

The world respects people who stand behind ideas despite all opposition and are able to act alone. There are very few people out there who are able to stand behind an idea and act alone. In order to really lead, you need to take a stand for the things you believe in and you often need to do this alone.

If you are a bureaucratic figurehead you are supported by the group. You need to stand for what the group stands for. However, personal leaders take a stand they believe in—regardless of whether they are supported by others or not. According to Harrison you need not worry about others’ opinions. In order to lead and take charge of your life you need to act and do what others are afraid, or unwilling to do. This is personal leadership and this is going to give you incredible results in everything that you do.

When you do what you want to do you are able to reach your highest visions and be the person you are capable of being—instead of the person others say you should be.

Personal leadership will change your life. You can be whoever you want to be but you need to be a personal leader and do what is deep inside your heart. You need to be the person you are capable of being no matter what others may think.

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