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To Succeed In Any Job You Need to Create Work

by admin on October 3, 2013

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, discusses how you can succeed in any job by creating work.

One of the most important career skills you can develop is to create productive work for your employer.  The ability to create work is something that will enable you to continually grow in your career and will also virtually insure your employement stability at most companies.  Furthermore, if a potential employer realizes you know how to create productive work they will be far more likely to hire you.  According to Barnes:

“Work is most often not something that jumps right into our line of sight. In any job you are in it is important to realize that someone created the job you are doing. It is up to you to maintain this job, ensure that this job continues to create value for your employer, and add tasks to this job that continue to make it as effective and profitable for your employer as possible.”

Far from providing advice that is likely to be quickly forgotten, this seminar promises to be lively and informative and provide you guidance you can use throughout your career.

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