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How to Survive in Your Job and Succeed in a New Job

by admin on October 24, 2013

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the importance of being well informed to be able to succeed in any job. Information is the key to survival in any company or organization that one joins and wants to remain part of.

Harrison believes that virtually anyone can be successful provided they follow certain rules and develop certain habits. Getting access to information when you start a job and using that information intelligently is crucial to survival in any job.

Almost universally, the most successful people are very good listeners. These listeners find the right people and ask the right questions so they know exactly what work is expected of them, who to avoid, and what the people they are working for like best.

When you are interviewing for a job, it is extremely important that you understand exactly what the job is. An employer will never hire someone for a job who does not take the time to understand what the job is. Good listeners always end up doing the best and getting ahead.

You need information to get a job and to succeed in your current job. Be information conscious!

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How to Survive in Your Job and Succeed in a New Job by

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