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Appreciate Those around You

by seo on February 5, 2014

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes discussed the importance of appreciating others when they do something good for you.

People often do not appreciate when others try to do good things for them. In fact, more often than not people become angry that you did not do more for them. According to Harrison it is rare that someone takes us under their wing on the street, in an employment office, or elsewhere. It is even rarer for the person who offers the help to be appreciated for his help over time. Most of us are quick to forget the help that we receive, as well as the people who have helped us.

In your life there is an extremely good chance that someone at some point in time has helped you. They helped you when they did not need to, and they very easily could have helped someone else instead of you. They went out of their way to help you and offer you assistance. Take a moment to think about those people who in small and large ways have made positive differences in the quality of your life.

There is nothing more important you can do in your interviews than allow the people who are interviewing you to know you will appreciate them if they hire you. It is equally important to appreciate those who hire you and to make them feel like good people. Be a constant reminder that they made the right choice. And never forget to appreciate the people who have helped you along on your way. You should work to let those around you know how well appreciated they are. When you appreciate those around you more help will come your way.

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