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You Do Not Need to Escape to Get the Life You Want

by seo on February 5, 2014

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes discussed how happiness comes from within and not from objects outside of yourself.

Each and every one of us is seeking something. According to Harrison the worst sensation is to strive for something and, upon achieving it, to discover that it is empty for us. This happens because we all want the superficial outcomes. However, a car or a house does not make you a fuller person. What happens is that in seeking these things our brain tries to convince our subconscious that the trivial stuff matters. This ends up creating an internal struggle that really inhibits your ability to ever get anywhere.

What we all really want is a new life for ourselves. Well if you are planning an escape and seeking a new life, the chances are great that you are never going to find it the way you are going about it. You are using objects and circumstances outside of yourself to feel complete. This makes no sense and the exhilaration you attain can never last. Happiness and being complete need to come from within and not from without. You need to find who you are inside of yourself and not outside of yourself.

Our decisions need to be grounded in reality and you need to be the person you really want to be. In your life the most important thing you can do is become the person you are trying to be, instead of trying to get a different life through things, people, and circumstances outside of yourself.

You want a different life. Most people do. If this is really what you want then you need to go out there and get that life. You can achieve your dreams; just remember to look within yourself first, in order to assess what is truly important to you and your happiness.

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