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Use the Power of Contrasts to Drive Yourself Forward

by admin on February 12, 2014

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes talks about the importance of comparing yourself with people much superior to you so that you can reach your aspired goals.

Harrison believes that all of us have a tendency to protect ourselves within a comfort zone. We prefer to look at life the way we want to, and not face reality. Accepting reality sort of puts pressure on us to face change. It exposes us to uncomfortable situations.

Harrison strongly advises that you need to move out of your comfort zones and face reality. You need to see the contrasts between what you have perceived life as and what it actually is. It is only then that you would push yourself far enough to be able to reach your full potential. One very useful thing, Harrison believes, is seeking out and researching on people who are the best in whatever they have chosen to do. Following up on, and reading about the lives of such people will inspire you to reach for higher goals. Harrison cautions against seeking out and comparing yourself with average people. This will get you nowhere. If you do not use the power of contrasts you will never become the person you are capable of being and have the career you could otherwise have had.

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Use the Power of Contrasts to Drive Yourself Forward by

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