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Ducks, Semi Trucks, Upscale Doctors? Offices and Your Destiny

by seo on February 19, 2014

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed the importance of living and working in an environment that is best suited for you. Surviving in any environment in which you are not naturally compatible will leave you incomplete and unhappy.

Harrison believes that everyone has something inside them which tells them that they are meant to do something in particular. Every person has some extraordinary and profound gift that comes naturally to them. Catering to this gift, a person can get immense happiness and satisfaction. Harrison cites the example of his farm ducks which waddle around on land and are happy, but are distinctly happier and more content when they jump into the pool. Similarly, a semi truck is designed and engineered to have a giant trailer attached to it. Without it, you could experience one massive bumpy ride. In discussing Coke and various other companies, an article called ‘Companies Headhunters Avoid’ in Business Week made it clear that certain companies have people with specific skills that do not work well elsewhere. Reason for such happenings is that everything and everyone is meant for something. You need to pay attention to the nature of things and only then can you be your best.

What Harrison is saying here is that you do not necessarily have to be the best at doing something, but you need to do things that come naturally to you. You need to think about and discover what you enjoy doing most. Many people are already doing something that they enjoy and are good at, yet they wish to change it for some reason or the other. Harrison warns you against such changes because the change would then go against the natural. On the same lines, he also advises on removing yourself from a job or an environment that is a struggle for you. You are happiest when you follow your instincts and do the things that excite you. There is definitely something for you and if you have not yet discovered it, do it now.

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Ducks, Semi Trucks, Upscale Doctors? Offices and Your Destiny by

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