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Confront Problems and Do Not Be a Dabbler

by admin on April 23, 2014

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the ills of dabbling with work and the inability to confront problems in life.

Harrison believes that there are a lot of people who “dabble” and never commit to anything. They start something and then decide to stop it and try something else. These people end up being mediocre all their lives. The reward for dabbling is a lot of different jobs, a lower salary over time, never reaching expert status in anything, and not being among the best.

Harrison advises you to be committed to your career and profession and push through. In anything you do, things will get difficult at some point and not as much fun as when you started it. Harrison believes that it is at this point that you need to make the greatest effort of all because once you push through this you reach the other side where you can make massive improvements.

Harrison illustrates the reasons why people find it difficult to push through when the going gets tough. In all types of work, people thrive on positive reinforcement. When they first start a job they enjoy it tremendously and feel like they are continually improving. However, after a point, the positive reinforcement stops and they no longer feel as good about what they are doing anymore. This is when people quit and decide to move on to another job.

Harrison gives examples of various situations where people dabble and encounter continuous challenges, including work, sports, relationships, hobbies, or something else. He points out that there are always going to be various stresses in any work environment. The secret is to learn how to confront these stresses and push through.

Harrison concludes by stating that to achieve success in life, you need to start working harder and harder so you can make the next breakthrough to go to the next level.

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