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Carrot Peelers Sales Personality and Your Job Search

by admin on May 7, 2014

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes teaches you one of the most powerful job search strategies – salesmanship.

Learning to sell is incredibly important to your job search and life. Harrison believes that people who understand salesmanship always do well. You can put them anywhere, and they will succeed. It is your number one weapon in looking for a job and also the most overlooked thing. You need to find out what your potential employer needs and desires. You need to establish trust and credibility, and you need to stand out when the employer sees your application. The best marketers and salespeople in the world understand this, and it can be learned.

There is a way to stand out and sell yourself. You need to have a personality. People that have personalities end up getting hired and getting lots of jobs. Personality works, and it can work wonders for you too. There is no greater skill than selling, and it all starts with your personality and making sure this personality comes through in everything you are doing. Your life and career will begin to change when you inject some personality into your job search. Nothing sells like personality.

Personality and people who have personalities sell because they get our attention. People want to hire people with personalities. People like other people with personalities. A personality is something that sells and can get you a job every time.

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